About Etabu

We are a shared
university network of
students and professors

Early on, Etabu realized that the biggest way it could build its network was to continue to expand its knowledge base as fast as possible. The thrill of learning and discovery is not only an emotionally passionate need at the core of humanity, but the foundation of new ideas brings to life the importance of what we have always dreamed of being possible. For every new piece of information evinced through study and execution, a new benchmark is made; a new dream is achieved; a new bar is set for even greater discoveries.

Setting our navigation for higher standards was tough work, but brilliance and raw human inspiration prevailed. Sooner than later, we realized the next step: ‘Global’ didn't just mean more students in more places-but that more information and study materials had to be growing 24 hours a day.

Etabu data centres work to provide 24 hour study productivity models, which combine the primetime of students in America and other parts of the world, with the prime of students studying in lndia—thereby delivering 24 hour study days for students across the world. This proved to be the perfect scenario of sharing both knowledge and innovative ideas. Now Etabu has become not only a very unique, but also fully functional study laboratory.